Information Security Engineer
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Job description

Is responsible for the day to day administration and maintaining compliance of our PCI zones. 

• Works with business units to identify security requirements, using methods that may include risk and business impact assessments 

• Apply Information Security methods approved by the Company. 

• Reports to management concerning residual risk, vulnerabilities and other security exposures, including misuse of information assets and noncompliance. 

• Collaborates on critical IT projects to ensure that security issues are addressed throughout the project life cycle. 

• Works with IT department and members of the information security team to identify, select and implement technical controls. 

• Implement best practice for information security process to ensure the protection of the environment from any external penetration.

• Researches, evaluates and recommends information-security-related hardware and software, including developing business cases for security investments. 

• Play the role of the defender during the (penetration Testing).

• Legal authentication for any incident Detection and Response.

•Prepare regular reports to the IT Information committee. 

• Conduct security awareness circulars to stakeholders.

• Develop and maintain standards and procedures for documentation. 

• Develop and produce contingency planning reports for management.


      Expertisein applications, OS, network security testing


      Expertiseacross a variety of security products including firewalls, URL filtering, WAF,Network & Systems security, and virus protection.


      implementand monitor security measures for the protection of Terminals, WIFI networks,etc.


      Monitor andtroubleshoot security events for network devices, operating systems (Windows,Linux, Database, E-Mail).


      Identifyingcurrent and emerging technology issues including security trends,vulnerabilities, and threats


      Expertisein managing SIEM solutions including events correlation and alertingconfiguration.


      Expertisein using security tools to test in house developed applications, operatingsystems and network devices.



Job Benefits

Basic Salary 11,000 QR
Accommodation allowance 5,000 QR
Nature of the work allowance 3,000 QR
Transportation allowance 1,000 QR