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    It is an activity undertaken by an institution licensed by Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) to provide sell and buy orders on a continuous basis with minimum bid-ask spread and minimum size

Allows our clients to trade online via mobile phone.

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Sahl Service

Is it possible for the client to transfer from his account at The Group to his bank account or vice versa more than once in the same day through Sahl service?

Is it possible to activate the authorization of Sahl service to a client under a power of attorney to another person?

Is it possible to withdraw an amount from the client's account at The Group then deposit it through Sahl service in the same day of deposit?

Is there a maximum limit to the amounts of withdrawal or deposit through Sahl service?

How to register the client's bank account at The Group?

How long does it take for the client to complete registration in the service?

How long does a deposit or transfer transaction take through Sahl service?

How can the client make sure of the completion of a withdrawal or transfer operation?

For the client who is unable to go to The Group to activate the authorization of Sahl service, can he send a representative to The Group to take, fill and sign the authorization agreement and then return it to The Group?

Can one bank account be assigned to several people (father and sons, for example) to benefit from Sahl service?

SMS of Sahl system?

What are the banks with which the company deals through Sahl service? Is it possible to the client to authorize the company to deal with more than one bank at the same time?

What are the due fees of a withdrawal or transfer transaction through Sahl service?

What is Sahl service and how can the client benefit from it?

Problems with the transfer or deposit in Sahl service?

What to do in the event of rejection of the contract signed for Sahl service?

What is the duration required for deposit and withdrawal transactions, whether for the first time or times to follow?

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