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The client from outside the State of Qatar who wants to open an account at The
Group must call The Group's Customer Service Department on (+974 44658419)
requesting to open an account. Hence, the Customer Service Supervisor of
clients outside Qatar will send a distant account application contract to the
client and ask him to fill it and ratify the signature from the official
authorities or an authorized bank, in addition to an authorization letter for
The Group to open an account in the stock exchange; he shall provide the
following documents and paperwork: -
- For the natural person from outside the State of Qatar: -
Authorization letter for The Group to issue NIN from Qatar Exchange (QE) - a
copy of valid passport - filling The Group contract and authenticating it from
any official authority, and filling the QE contract. All papers are to be sent
by express mail (DHL).
- For the legal person from outside the State of Qatar: -
Commercial Register (CR) - a notarized copy of the authorized signatories - a
copy of the statute and the Articles of Association - models of the signatures
of authorized signatories (all the documents are to be approved from any
reliable authority and must be valid by the Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the
Financing of Terrorism Act) - the senior management resolution to open the
account and the persons authorized to trade on the account - authorization
letter for The Group to open NIN in QE - filling The Group contract of clients
outside Qatar and QE contract and ratifying them.
* The QE contract is available in the QE website www.qe.com.qa
* Note that the fee required to open an investor's number at QE is QR100 and
is registered in the client's account and deducted from the client's first
deposit. All the required documents are to be sent to the Customer Service
Department from outside Qatar via express mail (DHL).
The Group in turn opens an account for the client who is outside the State of
Qatar and sends an SMS containing his new NIN to his registered and approved
Allows our clients to trade online via mobile phone.
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