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Is responsible for the day to day administration and maintaining compliance of our PCI zones. 

• Works with business units to identify security requirements, using methods that may include risk and business impact assessments 

Apply Information Security methods approved by the Company. 

• Reports to management concerning residual risk, vulnerabilities and other security exposures, including misuse of information assets and noncompliance. 

• Collaborates on critical IT projects to ensure that security issues are addressed throughout the project life cycle. 

• Works with IT department and members of the information security team to identify, select and implement technical controls. 

• Implement best practice for information security process to ensure the protection of the environment from any external penetration.

• Researches, evaluates and recommends information-security-related hardware and software, including developing business cases for security investments. 

• Play the role of the defender during the (penetration Testing).

• Legal authentication for any incident Detection and Response.

•Prepare regular reports to the IT Information committee. 

• Conduct security awareness circulars to stakeholders.

• Develop and maintain standards and procedures for documentation. 

• Develop and produce contingency planning reports for management. 

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