Software Development Leader
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Job description

Job Description:

1.Deep understanding: of project business rules during analysis meetings.
2.Avoid harmful effects: Ensure that the program works efficiently and with the least amount of processing, as well as that there are no limits on the use that may appear with pressure.
3.Group methodology: following the software development methodology adopted in multiple projects during the development cycle stages.
4.Group Standards: Review the design and output of the programming code to ensure compliance with the standards.
5.Report: Follow up with the Program Manager.
1.Continuous learning: continuous updating of programming languages and methods.
2.Continuing Education: Sharing best practices and mentoring novice developers.
3.Continuous Documentation: Recording all stages of the documentation methods approved by the Group.
4.Implementation scheduling: dividing the project parts into vertical parts that are distributed between programmers and horizontal ones related to the completion time of each part.
5.Team leadership: monitoring and continuous direction of all project resources.

6.Evaluation: To give a rating (from 0 to 10 points) for all the resources that participated in the project.


1.Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
2.At least 8 years of experience in a similar position with 4 years as Team Leader or Project Manager. 
3.Experience in leading a team or managing software development projects
4.Strong communication skills
5.Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team
6.Proficiency in both Arabic and English, in reading and writing
7.Preference will be given to degree holders in software development or project management.
8.Preference will be given to the candidates who are experienced in Java and Dot Net programing Language.

Job Benefits

Gross Salary from 25,193 QAR to 39,973 QAR
Other Annual Inflation Increase/ Annual Performance Appraisal/ Mobilization Allowance