Unix/Linux System Administrator
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 Experience as a UNIX/Linux/Solaris system administrator

Experience on storage environments, file systems, and  network protocols

Detailed knowledge of UNIX principles, file editing, UNIX commands, and file manipulation

Experience with LINUX shell scripting

Knowledge of networking principles including routing, subnets, TCP, IP, VLANs, and UDP

Understanding of backup procedures and storage management

In-depth knowledge of server’s hardware systems including circuit boards, memory modules, and processors

 Ability to detect and troubleshoot software and application

Extensive years of experience in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.9 or later release

Ability to perform OS upgrades and patch installations on multiple Linux/Unix Flavors

Knowledge of Oracle RAC Architecture, configuration and implementation

Ability to work night shift and/or weekends when necessary

Excellent communication skills (oral and written), interpersonal, and organizational skills

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering

The position is only for the local candidates *

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