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The Group provides the possibility of electronic trading to its clients through The Group Net so that the client can enter the sell and buy orders at any time, with the possibility of altering or withdrawing the orders as long as the order has not been executed yet.

1. Introduction

It is a program for managing the electronic trading system, following up prices, following up the clients’ portfolio and entering the orders, assembled orders and reports such as the statement of account report.

2. How to download and install the program

  • Before installing the program, the following components are required to fully take advantage of the Trading Program :
    • Microsoft .Net framework 4.0. You can download and install it from the official Microsoft web site by clicking on the following link Click here
    • To install these components, Please make sure you are connected to your internet service provider.
  • Download the installation program by clicking Download.
  • To start downloading the program, click "Run" when the following screens are displayed:

  • The installation program will be downloaded. This process may take several minutes.
  • Then the installer will direct the user to the steps required to install the program on the computer, please click "Install".

  • A screen will be displayed to show the progress of the program installation on your computer.

  • A screen will be displayed telling the user that the program has been successfully installed, and after clicking "Finish" the program installation will be finished.

  • After the installation, an icon called "Tadawul". will appear on the "Desktop" Click on the icon to start running the program, and then enter your user name and password.

  • For inquiries: please contact the Technical Support Tel: (974) 44487888.


Allows our clients to trade online via mobile phone.
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