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  • The Ability and use the comprehensive network management and administration and Network documentation tools and software that monitor and manage and archive all network Assets / Servers / Endpoints and the related parameters to them.

  • The Ability to monitors the availability and the performance of IT Assets and devices, interfaces, ports, services, and processes using multiple protocols like ICMP, SNMP or Windows Management Instruction (WMI) and the other Network Management Protocols.

  • The Ability to determine the monitoring thresholds for the different IT assets and devices to minimize the alarms/traps false positive.

  • The Ability to Work with IT staff throughout the asset lifecycle to ensure proper inventory, licensing, allocation, utilization, compliance and retirement of assets.

  • The Ability to use the Network management tools and Software to detect any fault in the entire network and follow the process to inform the administrators.

  • The Ability to create, update a detailed Network Maps and Diagrams for the entire Network or specific part of the network using the related technology.

  • The Ability to maintain complete visibility over the company’s IT/Network infrastructure and the devices they use to make sure that they’re functioning as designed.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • BSc degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or any related field.

  • The Candidate must have between 3-5 Years of Experience.

  • Certification in Manage Engine products such as Manager.

  • Preferred Certifications: CCNA, ITIL.

  • Experience in Manage Engine OPManager or SolarWinds products.

  • Experience in Cisco Router and Switches Configuration

  • Experience in Windows platforms – Windows PCs and Windows Server.

  • Experience in Unix/Linux – Configuration related to Networking.

  • Experience in Network Protocols (SNMP, Syslog, ICMP and SSH).

  • Experience in Windows Management Instruction (WMI).


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