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Follow-uptechnological developments in the field of technical services and provideproposals for developing and updating data rooms and components according tothe best prevailing technological levels.

1.Setting strategic development plans and assessing budgets related to maintaining the requirements of operation/renovation / modernizing the technical infrastructure, tools and means of technical work to be presented at meetings of the technology sector council for approval.

2.Developing mechanisms and operational plans for the management of technical services mechanisms, systems of communications, networks, data rooms,devices and accessories.

3.Ensuring the quality of the technical infrastructure services at The Group.

4.Coordination with the Risk Committee at The Group to evaluate and assess the operational risk related to technicalservices and propose solutions to reduce   risks.

5.Direct responsibility for distributing tasks and following up work teams in charge of communications, networking systems,servers, desktop computers, printers and accessories.

6.Implementing The Group policies regarding the department procurement of various needs of hardware, software and following up the process of delivery from suppliers and installation.

7.Management of internal technical support system and the following up the external support level through service providers.

8.Management of the daily technical operations according to the steps laid down and the standard mechanisms.

9.Provide suggestions for updating the components of the data rooms, technical infrastructure and networks stemming from the daily operation of the components in accordance with best practices

10.Monitoring compliance with the IT security standards in accordance with the international standards, policies and procedures.

11.following up the implementation of contracts with suppliers and providers of technical services to insure the delivering   services according to the service level agreement.

12.Ensure highest level of confidentiality to protect company and customers’data.

13.Adopting requirements of systems users  in terms of the technical resources of The Group.

14.Responsibility for maintaining data backups and restoring them when needed.

15.Participate in IT Sector meetings which aim to coordination

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