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Job Description

  • Installation & configuration of the company’s computer hardware operating systems and applications.

  • Maintenance and monitoring of computer networks and systems.

  • Support basic IT infrastructure, including endpoint management, advanced device connectivity troubleshooting, and basic networking

  • Logging tickets of employees.

  • Deep Analysis of tickets to discover any underlying issues or trends.

  • Diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults.

  • Following instructions, either written or in diagram form, in order to set up a system or fix a fault.

  • Working on monitoring systems and reporting to service/servers owner for further ticket analysis

  • Provide technical documentations for tickets assigned.

  • Wide knowledge of Microsoft Windows ,AV, Printers, Scanners troubleshooting.

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office is a must.

  • Minimum of 4-6 years of experience

  • Microsoft Certificates is a plus.

  • Comp TIA A certificate is a plus.

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